FOSSIL Collider Hybrid HR FTW7009 Smartwatch – Smoke, Stainless Steel Strap, Stainless Steel



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Smart and sophisticatedThe Fossil Collider Hybrid HR FTW7009 Smartwatch features modern tech in a classic design. It can display email notifications, play music and send you calendar alerts – all while looking great. Add a personal touch to your smart watch by swapping out the strap to match your outfit and creating your own watch faces.Stay in touchGo hands free with the Fossil Collider Hybrid HR. Sync your smart phone over Bluetooth to view texts and messages straight to your wrist. You’ll also receive social media alerts, so you’ll stay updated across all your online profiles.Keep fitWhether you’re out for a jog or a session of hot yoga, track your fitness progress on the Fossil Collider Hybrid HR. It automatically measures your heart rate and tracks your activity while you’re keeping fit. You can even use it to track your own personal goals – so you’ll know when you’ve hit 5K on your evening run.And in your post-workout analysis, you can even view an animated video of your route.Compete with your friendsWith the “First to Finish” function, you can view your friends’ amount of steps. You can compete one on one with your sparring partner or join a group challenge.

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